About us

History and Mission

For nearly 20 years we have followed and determined the culinary preferences of Bulgarian consumers. We started with four kinds of favourite salads, gradually expanded our assortment, and today we have included more than 50 delicious suggestions in our menu.

Our salads, precooked and ready-made foods contain carefully selected vegetables, dairy and meat products, processed by using technologies that best preserve their nutritional and taste qualities.

Facts in numbers

The beginning
IFS Food Standard
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Food as homemade

Not only have we increased the number of products we offer, but we also contributed to the development of the concept of good food. We do believe that if food is delicious and various and what is more its quality is good enough, it guarantees pleasure, satisfaction and healthy eating habits.

Many people think that healthy eating means tastless meals and constant limitations. On the contrary, healthy eating habits begin with regular meals and carefully selected main ingredients.

Single serving salads of 250 g and 400 g provide an opportunity for regular and balanced meals, even when you are in the office or while travelling.  When you come home late and have no time to prepare dinner, Vesselina salads and precooked and ready-made meals will help you lay the table .

Quality and technology

Въвеждането на нови технологии в нашия производствен процес ни дава възможност  да удовлетворим нуждите на един непрекъснато променящ се и изискващ пазар.

Продуктите, които избираме минават през внимателен подбор и прецизен вътрешен контрол.  Правилната обработка, съхранение и пакетиране на крайните продукти осигуряват спокойствието, от което всеки потребител се нуждае, за да вкуси удоволствието от сигурната храна.

Веселина Трейд ЕООД притежава сертификати НАССP и IFS Food Standard.

Selection of raw materials. Storage

Raw materials and materials for the production and realization of processed products are selected according to the  internal quality standards developed by Veselina salads. Moreover, they are controled on a daily basis and we have them monitored annually. The warehouse, which complies with the requirements for proper storage of raw materials and maintenance of their nutritional values, guarantees high quality products.

Processing of raw materials

Veselina Trade Ltd premises are equiped according to the highest standards for processing vegetables, meat and canned food for the production of salads and meat products. The initial processes of the products neded for the daily production are carried out in spacious, functional and modern premises, which meet the hygienic requirements. We have established solid partnership with companies importing equipment for the food processing industry in order to be informed on a regular basis about current developments in equipment and facilities which will increase the quality of our products.

Heat treatment

For the heat treatment of our raw products for salads we use high quality convection ovens and fryers which are tailored to meet the capacities of our production. Their temperature and processing time are measured electronically. There are gasification and air-conditioning facilities in the heat treatment premise. The Meat Processing premise is equiped with the necessary technologies for safe and perfect roasting of meat products.

Packaging and labeling

The conditions needed to achieve the integrity of the sliced precooked products, their homogeneity, fresh flavour and aroma of the input raw materials are guaranteed. Three modern packaging lines for salads and meat packaging facilities and vacuum machines are installed in the Salad and Meat-cutting premises.