Statement of using cookies

What you needto knowabout cookies

Cookies are small text files that websites send to users` computers or their mobile devices for a certain amount of time – while surfing the site or for a longer period of time, depending on the type of cookie.

The main function of cookies is to receive anonymous information about you, only related to your preferences and interests, as the ultimate goal is to facilitate your surfing and optimize the communication possibilities with users.

What types of cookies we use

This website uses the basic types of cookies from Google and Facebook platforms, aiming to optimize the content of our site and used advertising tools. Thanks to this type of cookies, we can take into account the interactions between ads and the basic user responses when visiting our site.

Google Analytics cookies

Google Analytics platform cookies serve to collect data about demographic and statistical characteristics of users, their interests and behaviour on our site. We need this type of information to optimize the content of the site and to optimally target the advertising services to be relevant to the users. Google Analytics cookies allow us to collect anonymous user information, it does not contain any personal data. The information gathered from Google Analytics cookies on our website is transferred and stored on Google servers in accordance with Google Privacy Policy.  Learn more about Google Analytics Privacy Policy.

Facebook cookies

Using this type of cookies allows us to show ads that are relevant to the interests and demographics of users who have already visited our site. The use of this information by third parties, in this case Facebook, allows us to monitor our advertising impressions and other advertising services related to the visits to our site.

Additional information

Please contact us if you need any additional information related to the protection of your personal data when using our site.