Grilled meat

Precooked food from chicken and pork meat

Lack of time is not an excuse for just grabbing something to satisfy your hunger. Baked juicy meatballs, kebabche made of pork, sausages and thin sausages by Veselina are the perfect lunch or dinner.  What is more, they are prepared in no time!

When you are tempted to try something delicious and light, which will not take you hours to cook, it is time to taste the chicken roasted specialties by Vesselina. Do not be surprised when your family and friends  ask you for more!

Warm before serving. Do not forget to add your preferred garnish by Veselina salads.

Pork meat

ASSORTMENT: Kebabche made of pork vacuum 200 gPork meatballs  vacuum 200 g, Beer sausages vacuum 200 g, Grilled thin sausage  vacuum,  Grilled plescavitsa  vacuum

Chicken meat

ASSORTMENT: Chicken meat sticks  vacuum 200 g, Chicken meatballs vacuum 200 g, Chicken steak fillet  vacuum 180 g, Chicken steak leg  vacuum 200 g, Chicken bon fillet  vacuum 180 g, Chicken shish  vacuum 180 g, Chicken rumps  vacuum 300 g