This is our dream come true which we can now gift to your table. Due to the new HPP technology 
we use we can now eliminate all pathogenetic microorganisms and maintain all nutritional properties of our products. 

Thanks to it we can have both:
– extended product shelf life and
– lack of preservatives.
Sounds incredible, doesn’t it? Let us reveal our secret!


Some Veselina salads are offered without preservatives. They still have their well known taste and what is more their product shelf life is extended.

Appetizers without preservatives.


Which is the technology that makes it possible to offer salads without preservatives?

HPP (High Pressure Processing), technology of cold pasteurization under high isostatic pressure, allows the already sealed in their final package salads to be placed in a special vessel where they are subjected to a level of pressure up to 6000 bar. The high pressure can be compared to the pressure of fifteen five – tone elephants on a surface with the size of a plastic bottle. Another example in this respect is the Mariana Trench, the deepest point of the planet with depth of 11 100 metres and bottom located 6366,4 kilometres away from the centre of the Earth, where the water pressure is six times less than the pressure of  the HPP technology on products.


How long is the shelf life of salads without preservatives?

It might seem incredible that their shelf life is longer than the one of salads with added preservatives, but the explanation is rooted in the aforementioned and the principles of the new HPP technology. Due to the HPP technology we can enjoy the taste of the fresh products in our salads up to 40 days after their date of production. After opening, salads without preservatives should be consumed within 3 days, as usual.


Are salads without preservatives new?

Yes, salads without preservatives are new to our market. Hence, it is logical to ask ourselves why we produce salads with added preservatives when there is a way to extend their shelf life without using them. The answer is the progress of new technologies, which do not cease to develop and adapt towards different industries. We follow their development and we are proud that we use the new HPP technology to create and enjoy the taste of Veselina salads without preservatives. Furthermore, we carefully select our products so that they do not contain preservatives which can often be found in mayonnaise, ham, gherkins, pea, etc.

The technology of cold pasteurization was developed in XIX  century, however, it was not until after 1990 that its application in some branches of the food industry began. It is now used in more than 40 countries in 5 continents. Not only is the new method preferred because it is natural – no heat pasteurization or preservatives, but also because the sealed products are treated in their final packages which guarantees no contact with harmful microorganisms.

Why are salads with added preservatives still offered?

The new technology application does not exclude the old method of producing salads. We would like to assure our customers who prefer Veselina salads produced in the traditional way that they pose no risk to their health since they are produced according to the recommended levels of preservatives by the European Union. The preservatives we add are the same used by food producers, especially salad producers. They are needed in order to guarantee that our salads will be delivered fresh and tasty to you and most importantly there will be no risk of pathogenetic microorganisms. Concerning their price, we believe that we should meet all of our customers’ requirements.

Should you prefer salads without preservatives, please note that besides the innovative technology we have made the necessary changes in our recipes in order to exclude hydrogen acids.


Guaranteed by Veselina salads!